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Greek Chickpea Soup (Revithia)

From the Kitchen of Home of Cooks

Time to Prepare: 15 minutes Cook Time: 70 minutes Serving: 6 People


16 oz dry chickpeas I large onion, finely chopped ¼ cup olive oil 1 bay leaf juice from 1-2 lemons salt and pepper to taste 2 tablespoons flour (optional) Serve with: Crusty bread and Kalamata olives

Cooking Method

  1. Place chickpeas in a pot and cover with water. Let soak overnight or ideally 18 hours.

  2. When you are ready to make the chickpea soup, drain the chickpeas in a colander discarding the soaking water. Rinse chickpeas well.

  3. Return chickpeas to the pot, cover with water (about 2 inches above the chickpeas) and bring to a boil over medium heat. Boil for 15 minutes skimming the froth as necessary.

  4. Add onion, bay leaf, salt, pepper and olive oil. Cook for 40 minutes adding more (boiling) water as needed.

  5. During the end of the cooking time (after 35 minutes), add the lemon juice.

  6. If you prefer the soup to be thicker, add 2 tablespoons of flour in a separate bowl and add a ladleful of soup liquid. Whisk to dissolve. Pour mixture into the pot and stir well to combine.

  7. Serve warm and enjoy.


Cooking times may vary. Taste until desired tenderness. You can add more lemon juice and olive oil to the individual portion. This healthy, simple, highly nutritious vegetarian soup, full of fiber and antioxidants.


Download and print our recipe below!

Greek Chickpea Soup (Revithia).docx
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